Top Countries that Gamble the Most

Gambling is a game that has been there for thousands of years where it’s origin cannot be clearly defined. You will come across many gamblers from your locality and also those individuals who have gone to a higher extent and can participate in an extensive range of gambling games at the local casinos and also participate in online gambling from global gambling websites. You will also find individuals who can’t live without gambling and others who have made fortunes to stabilize their life out of gambling. From the gambling facts, different people gamble to win while others have lost and here are the top 6 countries that gamble the most to help you find your rank.


1. Australia
Australia imposes fewer regulations on gambling where you can wager on any sports going on. You can even bet online and place any amount of stakes on any bet as long as you have the money. Gambling here is so prevalent that the Central bank was forced to raise interests due to the higher rate on which gamblers were losing money. The country has more than you can count gambling machines and casinos spread around the country. The country has recorded the highest amount of money lost per adult and this has accounted for the reason why the country appears at the top of the list.

2. Singapore
Singapore falls the second in gambling menace where the first casino was launched in 2010. Since then, gambling machines and casinos spread like wildfire. This resulted in numerous cases of addictions and losses that has caused an outcry. The government has tried to regulate the situation by imposing $81 for any local who want to enter any casino. Families are also allowed to ban members of their families who have lost control of casinos and gambling. All these efforts have done less in discouraging gambling as people are still gambling and losing.

3. India
From being a restricted country, India, is the newest country that joined the market though it quickly became one of the biggest gambling country in the globe. The market is worth no less than $60 billion. Indian players have invaded the online casinos market thanks to many sites offering the opportunity to register with famous worldwide casinos. clickonlinecasinos is well known as it offers a selection of online casinos available to Indian players, including reviews, details about the sign up offers and tips on how to play and win big.

4. Ireland
The country falls to number three as gambling here is unregulated. Only registered members are allowed to gamble but these rules are not properly enforced as the Irish pound has not been used as the legal tender since the year 1999. The regulations state that only a maximum of 6 pence can be allowed in betting and the reward should not be anything beyond shillings 10. Despite these efforts, the country continues to record the highest number of losses as a result of betting making the country to rank number four.

5. Canada
Canada is another gambling country where you will find about 75% of the adult population has been associated in one of the gambling games available on the  market. The most famous gambling games here include scratch and win, lottery and other popular casino games. The government has tried to establish some initiatives and regulations to regulate and discourage gambling but it has not been easy since the country continues record massive number of losses. But there is also a pretty part in Canada who’s had a lots of big winners! For more info, check out “la creme de la creme” and visit !

6. Finland
Finland falls to number 5 where more than 40% of adults are involved in gambling where the minimum gambling age was raised to 18. Most of the gamblers are addicts and the government is trying some initiatives to discourage gambling. The government has taken over and control the lottery industry to discourage gambling. The revenue collected by the ministry of education is directed back to education programmes to educate young generation on dangers of gambling. Despite the efforts, Finland still records a high number of losses as a result of gambling but also a high number of winners! Players from Finland can enjoy the best online casinos and register through sites such as, check it out for more info.